Plakatowanie Nowy Sącz
Plakatowanie Nowy Sącz



Our Company has been working since 1993   

Lesko company has:
- Licence to all countries,
- OC insurance to 400 000 USD
- Carnet TIR
- Company is concerned with forwarding of goods with other transport agents.

Our company belongs to:

The International Association of Transport Agents in Warsaw.

We have ten articulated trucks of the brand Volvo an Renault. We are also concerned with forwarding of goods together with other transport agents associated with us. Punctuality, reliability and short time of delivery are our strong asserts.

DAKO - the window manufacturer is our client as well as other well-known foreign companiesin France, Germany and Italy.

Enjoy our co-operation!!!


Plakatowanie Nowy Sącz


Our Company is engaged in international transport. Especially in transport to:

- GermanyDako
- Belgium
- Holland
- France
- Italy

Our company has Carnet TIR whitch is customs guarantee to 50.000$, all goods reach the addresse intact and are insuranced to 400.000$.

Each truck is equiped with a cellular phone (GSM) which enables us to quick contact with a driver. Each truck is equiped also with GPS.